Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Personal Knowbase Review

Personal Knowbase is a free form organizer that can handle virtually unlimited number of notes. It has clean interface that is easy to work with.
Before I started to use Personal Knowbase I used many organizers such as EssentialPim Free, AllMyNotes Organizer, C-Organizer Pro etc. They are all excellent organizers but they have many disadvantages over Personal Knowbase.

Why I love so much using Personal Knowbase?

 First reason why I love so much this piece of software is because of using keywords to organize the notes. Tree-like data structures are highly unpractical and inefficient for work. I proved this to myself long time ago. I used the above mentioned organizers and my notes number drastically increased to more than 50000. Tree components always freezes and was difficult to find any information within my database. So I decided to research more deeply. I tried all of them. I even worked with the most popular software such as Evernote or One Note. They are powerful but not practical for me. Accidentally I found the website and I tried their software. Now, every single info, no matter of what category it is, I store in Personal Knowbase.

How I use Personal Knowbase?

- I use it as a note taker. I store every kind of info within Personal Knowbase database.
- I use it as files organizer. I link my important files with the notes and organize them by using keywords.
- I use it as a ToDo List. I am making ToDo Lists everyday and manage them directly within the software.
- I use it as Contact manager. Contact management is very important for me. I organize every contact in the software and link every contact with related notes.
- I use it as Fitness manager. My fitness program and log are stored within the software.
- I use it as a password manager. I stored all password in Personal Knowbase and protected them y password so none can get them.

Virtually I use Personal Knowbase for everything. It saves me much time and nerves while I am managing my life. Thanks to the programmers of this beautiful piece of software.

You can download Personal Knowbase directly from the website

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